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USC Games Frequently Asked Questions

Do the teams have to consist of 3 people?

No, but 3 is the maximum. A few of our gym couples are looking to compete as teams of 2, which could make that category a great healthy competition.

Can non-members be in a team with USC members?

Absolutely! They won’t get the USC member discount, but we are offering their first month of USC training at half price if they wish to train with us in preparation for the USC Games

Could you give an insight into the events?

We are expecting to have roughly 7 events, with at least one for each physical quality: Strength, Power, Speed, Fitness, Flexibility (e.g. event 1 = 1km row, event 2 = 1 rep max squat, event 3 = toe touch…) The idea with teams is that you will nominate 1 person within your team for each event (probably the most suited person for each event). Events will be released after registrations close - likely 1-2 weeks prior to the games.

Is there running involved?

This one is currently undecided - but it is safest to expect running may be involved in 1 event and therefore ensure 1 person in your team can run.

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