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The USC Combine


The USC Combine is our newest event in 2024, an individual challenge. This time it's all about pushing yourself to see what you're capable of.

We've got 6 events lined up - a range of strength, conditioning & power based exercises - take your pick, or take them all on!

You'll have the opportunity to compete in 3 categories:

  • Social 

  • Masters

  • Opens

To help you prepare we're running an 8 week challenge leading up to the event - use this as an opportunity to have a coach's 1-on-1 support to help you train for the USC Combine!

What is the USC Combine?

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Event 1: Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Goal: Complete 1 rep at the heaviest weight you can


  • 2 attempts

  • Bar must start from a dead stop on the floor 

  • Must fully extend legs & hips at the top

  • Must place bar back down with control

  • Lifting belts permitted

  • Straps not permitted in Masters & Opens, can be used in Social category

Events Format



Compete for yourself.

Our social category is for those who want the challenge of pushing themselves, without the competition. Pick which events you would like to complete and put in your best efforts!

Can still win individual event awards.



Over 45s

Take on all the events yourself, but compete against those in a similar age category to you. We will have a male and female winner in the Masters category.

All Masters participants will also be rank in the Open category, but will perform the events separately.



Take on the title.

The Opens category is for those who want to have a crack at taking on the best of our USC community.

The male winner will be crowned

Mr Universe.

The female winner will be crowned

Ms Universe.

Event Categories

Date & Time: Saturday August 3rd 6:45am - 9:30am

Entry Fee: $55 for Masters/Opens, $40 for Social

  • Discounted tickets available with 8 Week Challenge

Prizes: For overall winners & each event

  • Overall winners = Mr & Ms Universe Title + cash prize

  • Masters winners = Cash prizes

  • Event winners = to be determined closer to the event

  • Spirit awards = to be determined closer to the event

Event Details

Registrations will go live June 3rd.

Event sponsored by
the team at:

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