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Our Philosophy

Purposeful training, in a positive environment.

At USC we believe training should be something you look forward to. We want USC to be a place you want to keep showing up to - whether it be from the friendly community, the supportive coaches, the amazing outdoor environment or just the coffee after class. When you find that positive association to your training, you’ll become much more consistent with your training routine.

We also believe in purposeful training - programs created specifically for our members. The methods we use at Universal Strength & Conditioning are what make us so unique. We find ways to make group training, more individualised. If you want to find out more about our training:


Our Coaches

“For the first time....EVER... I have not only been able to drag my husband to the gym - he now looks forward to it! We love the functional training style, the coaching style is very relaxed and not pushy, and the trainers remember our injuries and support the exercise and events we do outside of the gym.”


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