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The USC Season

A 4 week long series of individual + team challenges. Bringing together community, competition & comradery, in a battle to find the

2023 USC Season Premiers


July 17 - August 13

What it is:

Prepare for the USC Season with our 4 week Pre-Season. Complete 10 classes + 4 events (within class) to get free entry into the USC Season!

What it costs:

Free for all USC members! If you're not a member you just have to sign up before the Pre-Season starts.

(Direct Debit & Upfront options available)

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August 21 - September 16

What it is:

4 week long series of events that will take place within our classes. You will compete in teams of 2-3, with individual + team based events.

What it costs:

Free if you are member during the Pre-Season training block!

Prizes on offer:

The winners will train for free for the rest of 2023! Plus other individual prizes to be won as well.


Saturday September 16

We'll be holding a final team challenge workout followed by Silly Saturday awards at barefoot bowls. More information will be released, but


The Outline


The 4 weeks of classes leading up to the USC Season will be labelled our USC Pre-Season. These sessions will be structured to prepare you for what's to come and to give you the opportunity to earn your free season ticket


The USC Season will run over 4 weeks, made up of 3 weekly events. Our goal is to inspire your training, bring our community together and create some friendly rivalries!


*For these Saturday sessions you will compete in a team challenge during the class, however you won't be with your teammates. Random teams will be selected on the day.


  1. Mid-week events will include 1x Strength + 1x Conditioning event each week.

  2. Each team member can only be recorded for 1 mid-week event per week.

  3. You won't know which classes the events are in until the day. We want you coming along anyway!

  4. The event will occur during all class times on that day.

  5. If your team misses an event, you can make up for it in the Saturday class.

  6. The final Saturday (16 Sep) will be a team vs team workout, where you will compete with your team against the others! We definitely recommend your whole team to attend this session!

Weeks 1 - 3

2 Events During Mid-Week Classes

Mixed Saturday Team Challenges*

Week 4


Pre-Season Measures

Team vs Team
Saturday Challenge


We will be hosting a Silly Saturday dress up barefoot bowls event to celebrate, planned for September 16, with plenty of awards and prizes on offer including:

     - Free membership for the winners

     - Most Valuable Player

     - Most Improved

     - Coach's Award

     - Player's Player

     - Rookie of the Season


Become part of our community and take on the USC Season!

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